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Nothing really to tell. This is a tomboy_typist's home for PB Icons.

Some icons are visible to members only - however membership is unmoderated - join the community and pick up the icons.

Please comment and credit !

  My journal is friend-only, but I'm not a snob about it.Therefore, if you think we should be friends, just comment on my Contact post and I'll gladly friend you back.

I make fanmixes sometimes, usually by request. Those are kept on this journal and flocked by respect for the artists.

Cover art for some private fanmixes I made:

I also post some of my academic work on this journal, a combination of close readings and meta ranging from medieval literature to post-modernism.

An example of what type of essay I might be posting on my journal:
Title: War and Myth: an Ethical Problem
Works discussed: Shakespeare's The Life of Henry the Fifth
Word Count: 1456
Warning: For biblical references and discussion of war and ethics.
Summary: This essay discusses how Shakespeare uses mythological figures not to glorify war, but to contradict its very reason to exist. The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are mentioned, Greek Mythology and heraldry are also discussed.

My fanfiction is over at 
tomboy_fic (public entries, unmoderated membership). Concrit is love.

The fandoms for which I've written fanfiction before:
# a song of ice and fire , # angels in america, # arthuriana, # caliban leandros series, # cyrano de bergerac (play), # dc comics, # greek mythology, # kushiel series, # lord of the rings, # pride and prejudice, # princess bride, # rougon-macquart series, # shrek, # silmarillion, # starmania, # the historian, # vampire chronicles, # vampire hunter series.

I'm also a fan of anything Alan Moore. I love Emile Zola, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell's works.  I also have a huge fascination with anything involving myth, though I've yet to read the [Kalevala].

My original fiction is on  my DreamWidth Journal and is f-locked, but I'm not a snob about it. However, I like to keep it mutual. If you're curious, I do have a public page presenting my current NaNo project over here.

I take requests, so feel free to prompt me for ficcage with a comment on my public prompt post. (Yes, even if you don't know me.)

If you are a Yuletide writer looking for my Santa Letter, it's here, to be unlocked after assignments are out: Dear Yuletide Santa...

I also very occasionally icon people over at 
tomboy_icons (open membership). If anything interests you, please comment and credit? I like to know what works and what doesn't.
Some icons I made

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